Boston Artists Linkedin Reception

Borror, Tryon-Jennings, Palamidessi, Johnston, Freeland, Giberson, Jackson & Gouveia missing: Jeff Haynes and Russell DuPont

A beautiful Sunday afternoon on October 21, and the best show was inside the four walls of the church. Artists at all stages of their careers gathered together guided by the principle that human hands still create something personal yet universal.  Making art is a worthy calling. It was a great day for artists and non-artists to have conversations, learn about each other, and enjoy seeing new art. People came from Cambridge, Hyannis and areas in between, including a Greek orthodox couple who checked out the space for a show of the husband's Russian Icon paintings come Christmas time.

Pastor Paul Atwater explains art's power to communicate.

Paul Atwater reminded us that the first few words of the Bible explain how God is a creator, "In the beginning, God created..." and that the New Testament describes God's work in our lives as 'artisanship'. He once heard it said that all art is either protest or praise, do you agree?

Lana Jackson speaks about bringing the internal message outside of yourself.

Lana Jackson passionately explained in a short amount of time various methods for artists to survive in a tough economy. Collaboration with other arts people, seeking every kind of way to put art into public space, and mentoring young artists. There was so much more that she shared from her many years of experience in all kinds of capacities. The possibilities are around you, just open up your creative mind to see them. If you get a chance to attend one of her workshops, sign up early so you don't get left out. Thank you to all who appreciated and participated!