Hello from Tokyo! I have promised to write about a magical spot in the inland Sea of Japan some months ago, and I have not forgotten the commitment to share the story of Teshima and my encounters with art. Yet, it has been a long year of travelling, not only escorting art aficionados and planning travel programs, but also flying to Chicago and Western North Carolina, immersed with family and friends, mourning the loss of two of the kindest and most supportive men in my life, my father, Bill, who passed November 19, 2011, and my stepfather, Joe, who then passed on July 13, 2012. It has been a year of living each moment carefully, spending moments with loved ones, missing and remembering my fathers, and meeting and traveling with people who take the time to know Japan's arts and culture. The importance of being present and loving one another has never been more apparent, savoring the blessing of our existence and the opportunity to be here to serve one another during such a short time. I promise to return with news of Teshima and other upcoming trips.