Beginning Anew

Transitions '07 by Lana Jackson

At the Boston Artists LinkedIn show we have one large piece by Lana Jackson. During the drop-off day, she wowed Jeff Haynes and I with stories of the Boston art scene, the inner workings of today's art world, and stories of being at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

by Jacob Lawrence

studying under Jacob Lawrence. She has invested her talent and time in 

bringing the arts to the community, investing in people, and growing the

next generation of arts patrons and creators. 

Her marks are saturated washes of stain and carved, blackened grooves. The incisions are divided between systematic pattern and organic "Arp" forms; a face cries, echoes and desires to see. The white shape pops out like the full moon, a light in the night. By sheer size, the piece confronts and yet soothes. Ms. Jackson describes it this way: 

This work examines migration and the power of place. From structure to freedom, migration allows for beginning anew. As a child, migration to Boston from the South meant a do-over for my parents and upheaval and re-definition of place for me and my siblings. We continue to define this even now. In general, my work chronicles what women do-repair. We repair lives, families, and traditions.