A Mountain, a Hill and Hockney

Cadillac Cascade by Laura Tryon Jennings

Boston Artists Group on LinkedIn has members from all the arts, not just visual artists. I joined the group not all that long ago; and when I searched for members nearby, whose name popped up but my friend who lives on the same hill as I do! Laura and I have had a number of odd coincidences including that we both lived on Mt. Desert Island, Maine surrounded by Acadia National Park, but not at the same time.  She unknowingly followed me to Mass. and landed right on my hill near the beach! Like me, she has taken a few trips up Cadillac Mountain. Here's what she has to say about this painting:

David Hockney at MFABoston

was living in Southwest Harbor, Maine when these paintings were completed.
Mostly I was and am known for my interior and still life paintings. While
living on the island I felt the landscape was the most beautiful I’d ever seen,
and knew I had to paint what I saw.
were inspired after immersing in David Hockney’s exhibit at the MFA. I had
goose bumps and tears in my eyes while bathing in his use of bold brilliant
colored landscapes.
  I drove back to
Maine the next day and began these canvases. Laura Tryon Jennings

I've known Laura 8 years but it was putting together this show that I learned she had been rocked by Hockney just as I had been! When you come to see the North River Gallery be sure to stand back across from this painting as well as the other two Jennings landscapes. It's a rare opportunity to see her earlier works.