Christmas is Today

Wired for Satisfaction by Kirsten Borror

2011 Acrylic 5x5

The Golden Wonder fish has a sensitive nerve that gives it the ability to detect a mosquito landing on the water above its head. It is an insect predator in South East Asia similar to our North American Bats.  Their hunger for insects combined with their unique capacity to locate the target means that they succeed in eating quite a few bugs.  I am praying for God to form in me a similar "cephalic lateral line nerve" to know that every moment is to be targeted for savoring. We have reason to rejoice all the time; whether it is painful, happy, dull or thrilling. Celebrating doesn't have to stay on big holidays like Christmas! May I recognize that every moment contains beauty and purpose. All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

If you have ever had someone dear to you die, you know that it is all of the times you had together that are filled with weight of meaning. The laugh, the cry, the turning of their eyes, their voice hollering or teasing. All are moments valued and measured over and over. We realize afterwards how glad we are for them. Even the conflicts become glad moments because it all meant we were alive together. The French know how to handle the day in day out; they tell it straight with honest emotion; and then they embrace and let something new begin.