Washing in Living Water

Inner Rooms by Kirsten Borror

2011 Acrylic 5x5

Finally a day starts with new courage, new calm, peace, strength. And then it comes to the end of the day and there is a fresh piercing. Thinking of past rejections, I find a narrow puncture that reaches down deep that I didn't realize was still there. Again, throwing my self down before His cross, "I forgive _____ for his sin against me. Bless him now." Now, I confess that it hurts to be told you don't measure up. Is there anything worth loving in me? Residual soil is exposed; places in my past I thought had been washed by His healing hand, only to find that the dust pan left a little. I recall a time when facing my pain made my feet lift off the ground; gravity was suspended and I felt I would fall off the earth and into an airless void.  Praise God, I didn't! Unresolved grief is part of what makes people dark and terrible. Left in the chambers of your heart it will come out in various ways; a slow draining of capacity, a sudden squall, an earthquake breaking a marriage, a collapse. Those near an unhealed person will wear the splatters, smoke and poisonous air they emit.  Take care of this pain in you. There's something better in store for you and all those around you if you let God remove the curse. Let Him blow your mind and heart chambers into marvelous containers of His Supernatural nature.