Tips for Buying Handcrafted Necklace | Fashion Jewerly

Every woman likes jewelry and necklace to get more beautiful look. Necklaces are considered to be one of the most fashionable jewellery items to be found today. Yes, it is true that there are various other jewellery items that are quite scintillating in appearances but nothing can be compared with the gorgeousness of the necklaces and its variant types that attract buyers from all around the world.
No wonder that the cost of jewelry and necklace is growing high according to their demand and designs so if you are buying them then you have to decide correct pattern of jewelry and necklace. One of the most well known and admired categories in jewelry is the handmade beaded jewelry. This kinds of jewelry not online make woman's style and personality more attractive but also add uniqueness.

Handcrafted necklace is another popular item, which is likes by women at high volume. All kinds of ages in women like this item because this is very easy to understand the designs structure of necklace. You can easily get hundreds of other designs in handcrafted necklace, which can be worn on different occasions.

On festival, birthday people give necklace in the form of gift. You can also understand the designs of necklace at your home and use them to make new layout for necklace. Mostly crystals and specific types polish water is sued to give attractive designs to necklace.

If you have beautiful handmade crystal jewelry and necklace then you can use some beads in between stitches and make your favorite designs by your own way. This is very easy to understand the body structure of jewelry and necklace. The strands can be added at the ends to create a lovely and beautiful choker. Any other design can also be chosen according to your requirements.

This is very easy to buy handmade crystal jewelry online with various patterns and you can buy handcrafted necklace according to your requirement through online. Many kinds of websites are related to jewelry, gift boxes, handbags and necklace are available on the web which enable you to get more information about your choice items.

Handcrafted items like necklace, jewelry, gift boxes and handbags are easily buy in market but if you are not getting well items according to your choice then you can get them through online. By understanding the designs pattern in necklace you can change your necklace with wires, beads etc items. Handcrafted necklace look best if they are composed of uneven stitches and random collection of beads and crystals.

The sizes of beads and wires can be changes and you can increase in size of necklace. So there are many kinds of ways which provide you better solutions for jewelry and necklace. If you have handmade crystal jewelry and necklace with handbags then no doubt that you will look more attractive and beautiful. Such kinds of items give a perfect look to your body in natural way and these kinds of items are useful to get better health. By wearing them you can get well energy and feel freshness on your body.
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Stevan Dohanos: Mainstream Mid-Century Illustrator

The leading general-interest magazine in the United States for roughly 1920-1960 was the Saturday Evening Post. The Post published both fiction and non-fiction pieces along with cartoons and other features. Like The New Yorker, the Post was noted for its covers. When the latest edition arrived in the mail, a subject of family conversation might well have been its cover illustration. By the 1940s, Norman Rockwell ruled the Post cover roost, and the appearance of one of his cover illustrations usually created the greatest interest.

It was during the 1940s and 50s that the Post's policy regarding cover art shifted from a vignette style (subject matter surrounded by white space or a single background color) to fully detailed paintings. This was in contrast to the contemporaneous "big face" style of women's magazine story illustration by Coby Whitmore and others, where backgrounds were usually sketchily indicated.

To be a cover artist for the Post was the pinnacle for an illustrator, the top of the totem pole. So to enter this elite group during the decades surrounding 1950, one had to paint fully detailed scenes. Rockwell transitioned to this mode, and newcomers accepted it from the start because it was a major road to commercial success.

Stevan Dohanos (1907-1994) was one of those newer artists, and he had great success, painting well over 100 Post covers. His Wikipedia entry is here, a site containing examples of his work is here, and a little more biographical information is here and here.

The consensus of opinion is that Dohanos was a skilled realist who was fascinated by everyday items such as telegraph poles and fire hydrants. One observer suggested that, unlike Rockwell, he was perhaps more interested in the setting than the people and actions that he was depicting. Ernest W. Watson in his 1946 book "Forty Illustrators and How They Work" quotes Dohanos stressing how exhaustively he researched his illustrations.


Dohanos in an advertisement for the Famous Artists School

One of his posters during World War 2

Saturday Evening Post cover, 14 February 1948

Saturday Evening Post cover, 25 November 1950

Saturday Evening Post story illustration, 24 May 1958

Art museum scene - possible cover art

Dohanos left school at age 16 and received little formal art training, making him yet another example of a self-trained artist who did well. Apparently he engaged in fine art as well as commercial work, but nothing of note in that field turned up during a Google image search.

I find Dohanos' illustrations to be technically very well done, but they otherwise strike me as being conventional. So I'm offering faint praise. I find nothing wrong with his work, yet can't get excited about it either. For me, he deserves respect, but doesn't quite merit admiration; he was one of the good ones, but not one of the great ones. However, I am pleased that he found success during his lifetime.