Ghost of Christmas Past

Wearing Magic by Kirsten Borror

2011 Acrylic 5x5

I am responsible for my response. You are responsible for your response. Hurt others with your rude behavior so that the person won't have any expectations of you; or is it that we want them to "get it" or to "get them". That's what it is. Rude behavior for the purpose of cutting the line that keeps people tied and off you go to your unencumbered future, or so you think. The other is adrift, bobbing up and down, on their own to fall apart. That's what the Dark Side wants to happen; that we will be and remain torn apart. Suffering rips into our relationships; we are raw eviscerated community. Baby Jesus has the power and desire to put us back together with His supernatural healing.

 I called up someone tonight who had abandoned me in a significant way many years ago.  As I apologized for rejecting his Christmas presents, I began to break down. Up bubbled sadness I didn't know was still there. I am responsible for my response today, tomorrow, and for the ones I had in the past. The memory of this pain I had inflicted on him came up in a flash this month as I thought about Christmas, presents, and rejection. The Holy Spirit brought it up so that I can make peace with a brother. I think what I did not expect was all the tears I shed while talking! Part of my confession of sin is finding out that not only did I hurt him with my response, but I maimed my own soul. Positive, affirming words and "Merry Christmas to everyone!" ended the conversation. Christmas presents under the tree on Sunday will remind me of the healing gift of forgiveness.