Messages of Love in the Deep

Daddy Fish by Kirsten Borror

2011 Acrylic 5x5

This small fish has a unique reproductive strategy which is that the male stays with the eggs, guards them and fans them to keep them aerated in the fresh water where they live. If a 2 1/2 inch fish can care for it's eggs, I suppose the Creator of the Universe can watch over me with infinitely deeper care.  During my time in the deep of suffering He has shown up. Today He sent oxygen over my spirit by way of my friends and family who reached out with phone calls, texts, gifts, cards, prayers, and kind words. God knew I needed help today with my Christmas enthusiasm. Saying yes to kindness is a benefit of learning I need help sometimes to carry out right attitude. Relationship is give and take. Thank you for helping my attitude today; you know who you are!