Dancing in the Dark

Wear your Dots by Kirsten Borror

2011 Acrylic 5x5

I talked with my friend who said she's lonely. She and I don't want to stay lonely. So I said, "You don't have to be. Just reach out and share. Let's pray power prayers together!"   It's weird this adventure I'm on, just plain unbelievable. Is this really happening? Am I actually here, going through THIS?! I feel exceptionally odd, but it is what it is. I am asking God to build me up so completely that I can sing and dance no matter what-even in this dark trial. Ultimate joy is having it whatever your situation. I'm tired of being banged about because I  lack trust and faith that I'm in Good Hands. This story isn't over, I keep waking up to a new day, and I guess this isn't killing me. If this is the last day I have to live, well, I want to dance in it! I still have two legs to dance on before the Lord; and I know where I'm going after I take my last breath! Thank God for sending a little child to lead us, Baby Jesus! I can dance because He was and is and is to come.