Grateful for Less than Excellence

Small and Sufficient by Kirsten Borror

2011 Acrylic 5x5

The minnow is a small fish without much acclaim in comparison to other fish. I love that God honors the small things in His book, the Bible. He highlights His ability to work mighty victories through less than ideal people, things and places. I'm speaking of renowned events such as 5 stones in the boy David's sling to bring down the large enemy Goliath; the least important family member Gideon from the weakest tribe to save Israel from their enemies; a few small fish from a boy's lunch to feed multitudes; faith the size of a mustard seed to move a mountain; the highly valued temple offering of a widow's two small coins; an insignificant town called Bethlehem to birth the Prince of Peace (Jesus Christ).

Are you scoffing at the insignificant, the weak, the young, the fragile, the bleakest of circumstance? Thank Him for it, because there He may choose to mightily show forth His victory.