Joy-filled Giving

Father of Abundance by Kirsten Borror

2011 Acrylic 5x5

I have to make clear that I give out of what God has poured into me. The giving isn't to get something in return, such as acceptance. I spent three years processing grief with God and receiving His healing. Recovery takes work! Prior to that time, my giving was often to avoid rejection; it was either a success or a failure depending on the other person's reaction. Now my giving brings me joy as it comes from a position of wealth and is freely given out of His abundance. The supply is not running out! Do you recall the loaves and the fishes? God blesses and multiplies our offering. There is more than enough!

Christmas peace came today as I prepared for giving. Making cookie doughs while listening to Carols, sharing french pastries at work, thinking about the gifts I've chosen for my family; it all brings the mood up! Love is an action, friend.