About Tufts EXP-16-S

We are a modern Cabinet of Curiosity!  Why? We are a community of artists/scientists/naturalists who have gathered at the Barnum Biological Sciences Laboratory at Tufts University to explore traditional art making and modern visualization of the natural world.  
We learn and teach traditional art techniques, consider the latest advances in bioimaging and biorobotics, and explore the ramifications of advances in neuroscience as it impacts vision and perception.  
We journal extensively in the same small black journals used by writers, field scientists, and artists worldwide called moleskines.  
We endeavor with digital, landscape, 3-d, and 2-d artworks utilizing telemetry, watercolor, raw pigments, Google maps, mud, digital cell phones, seaweed, YouTube, x-rays …. whatever we can lay our hands on.  We paint from live birds, reptiles, and mammals.  
We value genome research and art history equally.  And we create a sensitivity to seeing and being in the moment while improving our awareness and visual acuity  as a valuable life-long skill. (Image: Stem Cell Art Rorshaks  by Diane Fiedler, comp'd for the Whitehead Institute)