Dragon Slayer is Coming

St. George and the Dragon by A. Gassel

St. George is traveling through a country and
comes across a woman in danger. She is a princess held captive by a dragon. He
rescues her by killing the dragon.  It is
a classical story about right action in the world. Every Knight had to kill 10
dragons. Battling the bad force, protecting the vulnerable, these are masculine behaviors and doing battle 10 times means you've proven your heart is honorable. We always have
dragons among us and within us we need to battle, because this world is not perfect. The Devil can take any form he wants and we don’t know
what side he may come, but we know he will always find your weak point. You can
always push him away. It depends on you.

Jesus is the ultimate dragon slayer. Come see this work along with 18 others at North River Gallery when you come to Christmas Eve services, December 24 at 3pm and 5pm.