Come to Me and Rest

Home Builders by A. Gassel

One of 18 works by Alexander Gassel on display at North River Gallery. See page for details. 

Church buildings are built by the hands of people. Divinity
wants to be with us. The divine is our parent and we have to respect our
parents.  The divine is separate from us,
but the divine is near to protect the church, no matter what the evil one intends.

This shaped panel combines early medieval characteristics with dynamic art deco shapes all around the edges. Divine is on the left side of this panel, and the Church is on the right. The outpouring of energy, healing and life is the external ripple effect of the inner work of the Holy Spirit who nurtures, cradles and delights in human beings. He stands at the door of every person's heart, knocking and hoping every one will answer.

Rest a while in the arms of divinity.