What's a Crack Addict To Do?

Answer: Hit the concrete floor in Federal prison and say,"I don't want this life anymore!" Sheila Raye Charles visited Massachusetts this week and spoke and sang on invitation to school groups, recovery groups, and anyone who called her agent. I think she stopped in at the Hard Rock Boston, too.

Christian Recovery, Crack, prostitution, prison
Kirsten Borror & Sheila Raye Charles

Tonight she shared her story with conviction, humor and humility to a large crowd gathered at Celebrate Recovery, North River Community Church, Pembroke MA. The theme was "doing me" as she described the glory of being fawned over as Ray Charles' daughter and the horror of  having every one of her five children taken away from her as she tried to stuff her pain in a crack pipe and smoke it. The guts she has to share where she's been comes from a deep well of Almighty love, grace and forgiveness.

It's never too late, no, not ever too late for anyone. She stayed after meeting one on one with anyone who wanted to be consoled, loved and prayed over. Did I mention that she can "Mmm mmm" sing? Her contact info is at the end of the documentary. She's also on Facebook, and encourages you to get in touch. Amen! and Alleluia!