Tiptoeing Through Life Only to Arrive Safely at Death

Lucinda Matlock
by Russell DuPont

Not! Russell DuPont has a motto which has to do with wringing out of this existence all that he is able. His photographs are explorations of time. He smudges his photos, blurs the focus, and for this show has them set as if preserved in boxes. We reflect on living and dying. Boxes, buildings, and grave stones become six-sided containers of memory. Some folks have looked at this and thought of their own now deceased grandparents.  We have three DuPont works on view now at the North River Gallery until Sunday when the show will end with a Closing Reception from 1:30-3:30.

DuPont found his own deteriorated negatives while moving his studio and became obsessed with the fleeting nature of our lives. You see, he had acted in a play called Spoon River by Edgar Lee Master and the characters are ghosts of townsfolk who speak of things accomplished, regretted, or small. You will get one taste of the series when you visit, because there are 23 others which are on display elsewhere. Check his website for more info on other shows.