Hidden Treasures of the Kingdom Part Two

With Torli from Liberia

On August 25 the Emmanuel Gospel Center introduced to us four people working in the Greater Boston area as missionaries. I told you about PoSan Ung from Cambodia last time. This time I will tell you about Torli Krua from Liberia, a country torn by civil war, as violent and horrific as many other wars you learn about in the African continent. It is the country featured in the movie Pray the Devil Back to Hell, about which I blogged a while ago. Fully half of the population fled to other countries during that time. A small percentage came to the USA as refugees and Torli was among them. He is an engineer, and has worked in a number of countries as such, but he left all that to become a helper of his people. He shares his passion for entrepreneurship, education, and Christ by reaching others who come here from other nations. He works tirelessly as a guiding voice against Christian complacency, and offers workshops on such topics to any church willing to listen. He is co-founder of Young-Africa http://www.uhrionline.org/  which focuses on giving the youth of Liberia better education and Godly hope. Having Mr. Krua speak to your group will be inspiring without a doubt!

Many people came a long way to attend this gathering.  Pictured above are highly educated men, some in medicine and others work as professors in the Boston area; Pastor Michael Mendoabor of Liberia, Dr. Roland Matsouaka of Congo, Dr. Wallace Massah of Liberia and others. Watch below to see Torli in action.