An Update about DIY Art School

Hey all,
There haven't been updates in a while, and I figured there would likely be a few new views because of the mention in ImagineFX (October issue, number 87), so I'd make a quick post. The posts have stopped in part because I've been crazy busy with jobs (which is always nice), but also because I've run through the material I initially had in mind for the topic.

I honestly believe that it is entirely possible to give yourself a great art education, and that anyone with the drive and commitment can go really far without a standard art school. There is so much information out there s available for free, so many resources to take advantage of. I often think, "If I knew then (when I was a student) what I know now, it would all have gone so much smoother and easier," but it's been a while since I was at that point in my art education and I can't always remember where the big stumbling blocks were, or which pieces of the big picture I was missing back then. 

So, I'm throwing things over to you guys. Shoot me any questions you have and I'll do my best to help you out and point you in the right direction. I'm sure there are plenty of potential article ideas based around the questions and comments you guys have.

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