Taking Care of Worry

Look Up & Shine by Kirsten Borror

2011 Acrylic 5x5

Today was pay-attention-to-and-purposely-relax-your-body day. I noticed that although my appetite is back there is tension in my stomach. What is in the core of my gut that has me under constant apprehension? I spent time observing, working hard to see and understand the feeling, "what is it like?" Finally I put my finger on it; it's the feeling of having been punched in the stomach without any warning, so you keep tensing your abdomen against the next punch. It was diligent effort to release that apprehension to God. I asked Him for just a bit of faith to believe that I'm in His care, and to stop worrying.  Worry does nothing to change my situation except rob me of joy.  After that I felt light and happy today! By extension, I chatted with people out Christmas shopping like me, gave a nice tip to my hair dresser, and danced to music.