Source of Life

Spring-fed Trout Pond by Kirsten Borror

1998 Acrylic on Paper 7x4

Go back to the birthplace. Where did life begin? The source is buried out of sight How can water come up from nowhere? This pond is magical because it is formed by a spring. Clear, fresh water bubbles up in the forest floor and an oasis forms; someone plants fish there.  The fish feed and grow, the spring keeps flowing, and life happens.  In the middle of a wild place provision comes. His hand is evident in odd places and in unexpected ways. Free boards were given to me yesterday-I've got supplies to paint every day for the next 3 months! Today, a free organ concert, delicious cookies and tea delivered on a tray at the Community of Jesus, Orleans MA

Church of the Transfiguration, Orleans, MA

Visiting with Debby Topliff was extra special as she lives in Michigan and happened to be here with her husband on a business trip. She showed me her book of Mark banner which is all imagery and no text.  Check out her website! We met through the Visual Story Network Artist's Group. Maybe you would like to join us?