Seeing Stars

Star in the Deep by Kirsten Borror

2011 Acrylic 5x5

To see the stars you have to be in the night. I am discovering that even in my time in the pit, He is providing in gentle, surprising ways.  Psalm 139: 11 describes being out of sight when covered by darkness but verse 12 explains that God is not held back by it and night is as day to Him.  This is all bookish platitude until you are in this desperate suffering and see for yourself God's hand at work in your circumstance.  It's a good thing to learn now because, the day will come when people will be overcome with pain, their hands will hang limp, their courage will fail, and their faces will burn with shame. It's the arrogant, proud, cruel who will fall. In those days, every star and constellation will stop shining.  Pray that God prepares you well for that day.

I will thank Him for this temporary trial which brings an eternal benefit.