Believers Prepare for 2012 Olympics

Bright Fish by Kirsten Borror

2011 Mixed Media 11x11

Just got word last night through Christopher Clack that Run With the Fire is now available for purchase. This project was put together by a group of Christian arts organizations with the purpose of helping churches of the UK prepare ways to engage with all the visitors who will come to see the Olympic games in 2012. It is an international compilation of art from 25 artists available in a DVD. Organizers state, "This project is unique in that every participant has started their artistic journey from an idea or vision statement provided by another artist. This has created a sense of community and energy which comes through clearly in the finished pieces. Different artists, different media, different nationalities but one common purpose– to glorify God through their work."  Bright Fish is my contribution to Run with the Fire, and I am so honored to be a part of it. It feeds into my hopes for believers working together to advance the Kingdom. The image is my response to South Korean Hyun Young Kim's vision statement "Jesus brings us rest and release from hopelessness, sickness and dark lies."