Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

A lot of readers have shown interest in knowing about 'Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath', Bangalore, either because they want to study art at this institute or would like to exhibit their works at one of the galleries on their campus.

Now, if you are considering pursuing an art course at KCP, please visit their website

Visit http://karnatakachitrakalaparishath.com/parishath/index.html for information on their permanent galleries and the other 5 exhibition halls that are rented out...

"Apart from the thirteen permanent museum galleries, five other galleries are permanently rented out to quality exhibition of works of artists and art from various parts of not only India but also of international bearing. Max Mueller Bhavan, Alliance Francaise, consulates of various other countries find KCP galleries to be an ideally suited location to host exhibitions in Bangalore. Central and State Lalitkala Academy have been permanently hosting their exhibitions at KCP." ... lists their official website.

Do book in advance since their galleries remain much in demand as the halls are much sought after and rentals are also comparatively reasonable. All five galleries vary in size and are located in a way that you may prefer one over the other, so the best thing would be to physically visit the space before deciding. The staff does send out invites on your behalf to all those on their mailing list, but I would urge you to send out your own invites - generally theirs reach after the preview or even after the show is over!