Wise Men Still Seek Him

The Visit of the Magi to Virgin and Christ

The earliest known depiction of the wise men visiting the Savior Baby Jesus Christ. It is in St. Priscilla's Catacombs in Rome. January 6th is Epiphany "manifestation" for some Christians which is the visit of the wise men. This scene is the most common in early Christian art because it represents the most important message of the gospel. "It is enough to know that God came into the world to show Himself to you, to all," says art historian Elisabeth Lev.  Each figure is a unique color to represent the 3 different known regions of the world at that time. One is Eastern Zoroastorist, the second is the Platonic Greek philosopher, the third is Daniel representing the Old Testament which predicted God's arrival in Jesus, and therefore all the world is coming to worship the pinnacle of truth: Jesus, the Christ, the Savior, the Suffering Servant, the King who came to serve, die and save all people.

You can hear an 11 minute explanation HERE.