Visiting the Boston Sculptors Gallery

Last week the Boston Sculptors Gallery made Facebook 'likes' into balloons. To celebrate 20 years of achievement, the cooperative gallery invited volunteers to turn every new like on the gallery Facebook page into a large inflated balloon at the gallery. You can see the gallery as it filled on their page, while the video below has pics of the works and Yours Truly and Son tucked in! Founded in 1992 by 18 area artists, it has become the premiere sculpture gallery of Boston presenting work by contemporary sculptors.

Until January 27th you can see work by all thirty-six current members and fifteen alumni. What happens when passionate people work together for 20 years toward a common goal?

227 exhibitions, 58 sculptors with work in 48 US states and 36 foreign countries, close to 100,000 visitors,

Members have received numerous awards, grants and residencies; taught in 70 settings; generated 169 permanent public art works; displayed 308 temporary public art works; and are included in 1,100 private and public collections.

There will be a talk on January 23 "Sculpture that works with Audience: Kinetic, Interactive, Installation and Public Art". 10 Sculptors get 5 minutes each to present their work and ideas on this topic with a reception to follow. 100 people showed up last time, so don't be late! If you are still hungry afterwards, hit the Red Fez across the street for traditional Middle-Eastern food.