Museum of Biblical Art

 The Museum of Biblical Art is a two room space within the American Bible Society at 1865 Broadway in Manhattan. We recently had a chance to visit for the first time and enjoyed an exhibit of works by Tiffany Studios all pertaining to commissions by churches. The display includes stained glass windows, mosaics, metalwork, interior design proposals, and large scale cartoons for windows.

The Soldier of the Lord by Tiffany Studios

The 'soldier of the Lord' comes from the letters of St. Paul who describes a life of faith as a life at war with the kingdom of darkness. Of course, our weapons are not against flesh and blood but against dark forces in the spirit realm. The laurel on his head indicates victory. Although his attire is copied from Renaissance mercenaries who fought for material treasure, his eyes gaze heavenward because that is where a Christ-follower's fortune is being built. The sword represents the Bible which is the 'sword of the Spirit' that speaks truth, healing, and advances the Kingdom of God. The Tiffany exhibit ends on January 20, 2013.