Sufjan Stevens Musician

Christian music, New England Music, Boston arts
Sufjan "comes with sword" Stevens

I learned about Sufjan after doing publicity for a Rosie Thomas show at Cafe Bella a few years ago. Rosie held us gratefully captive in the chamber setting with her authenticity, tenderness, and exquisite music. She and Sufjan once were rumored to have married, but actually it seems they are good friends and colleagues. I describe Stevens as a "Peter Gabriel meets Jesus", or performance art meets dialogue with divinity. He and Rosie and a few others are going to be in New England in late December at Fete in Providence Friday, December 19 and  The Royale in Boston on December 20. Ticket prices are extremely reasonable. It will be a mix of mystical and comedy as "Sheila Saputo" will be stealing the stage, too. It's time she became a household word.