Where Can A Prostitute Go?

She can escape the illegal sex trade and go to Amirah House. Sarah Durfey and Carrie Anderson hosted a Free2Create night where people gathered to meet, talk, learn and create. The 6" square art works will be sold at a fundraiser for the Amirah House in December. We listened to some poems written by sex trade survivors and also a brief discussion about what is happening in the illegal trafficking of people right here in the New England area. 

Taking Action with Arts

Recently there was a prostitution ring bust in Wells, ME. They are releasing the names of the "Johns" aka the customers who pay for sexual deeds. Would you like to recover from your addiction? There are resources available to you. Click HERE. Would you like to host a Free2Create event, donate a 6" square artwork for the fundraiser, attend the Gala? Please contact info@amirahboston.org. Parents, shopping malls are one of the places pimps go to recruit.