Ivan Albright: One Style Fits Forever

Ivan Albright (1897-1983) didn't paint every painting he made using the same style, but his best-known ones have nearly the same look. Moreover, they hewed to that look for much of his career. One of the subject labels for this post is "Adaptive Artists" and I'm using Albright as a counter-example, an artist who didn't seem to adapt much at all once he found a style that pleased him.

For whatever it's worth, Albright's paintings don't please me. While I appreciate that they are representational in an exaggerated sort of way, I find them morbid and ... what's the correct term-of-art? ... oh yes: icky.

Some paintings from different parts of his career.


Into the World Came a Soul Named Ida - 1929-30

Self-Portrait - 1935

The Picture of Dorian Gray - 1943

The Vermonter - 1965-66

A Face from Georgia - 1974