Managing Your Twitter, Crying, Laughing, and Epiphanies

Clambake, Installation by Kirsten Borror, May 2011

So, today was another wild ride. As I said to a friend, there is a movie written each day it seems. My son kissed me goodbye as he went driving off with the only car; because he needs to be able to leave work early so he and his girlfriend can 'get to the sox game, Mom!" Ok, I'm moored at home then. I get up, make coffee, sit and check emails while it brews...Oh! I have a new follower on twitter! Who is it? It is Elreda Kowalski, showing a little naked shoulder...and her website is, "wild sex party"! Ok, what is up with this? Why would this woman want to follow my tweets about Jesus? The website...I won't even go into it. Let's just say that I saw women buying into degradation. I 'direct messaged' her and said in less than 140 characters, which is the limit on the length of your tweet,  Hello, I am concerned for you, what is this sex party thing you are involved in?   Ms. Kowalski has not responded. I'm giving her another 12 hours and then I'll be blocking her. What would you do?

Bright Fish Sculpture,

Summer 2011

Papier Mache

By Kirsten Borror

Then I hear from my college friend that a mutual friend's 15 year old son was swept out to sea. He was kayaking in Hawaii with a tour group for teens. The guide "heard a boom, looked up and saw a wave like a cupped hand hanging" over their heads. My friend's son was never seen again. That was July 4th. Apparently it was all over the news; which I don't watch because I don't have cable anymore. What an awful thing for parents! What can we say? There is risk in living!

From there I go to Trader Joe's to pick up food. I see a woman with her sweater on backwards and inform her that her tags are hanging out. She gets flustered explaining how she threw her sweater on quickly and thought it felt strange. I said, 'look, the good news is that you are wearing your bra on the right side of your clothes." Boy did we both get a roar out of that image! Oh, you gotta laugh. I am feeling my humor come back. Started poking out here and there about 2 months ago. Now I can get just plain jolly! Do my emotions seem incongruous? Yes, in the middle of trauma, expect to go high and low within an hour.

Cook catches Pig, Automaton at Shelburne Museum VT

Manage your stress, or you'll get ill, really ill. Did you know that stress is at the root of most disease? One of the techniques for managing bad feelings is to close your eyes and imagine yourself in your 'happy place'. This has been troublesome for me, I just couldn't pick one! Finally, over the weekend, as I walked by a paddock with horses and goats in it, it dawned on me. My happy place has goats! I love goats! They are personality plus, they have large bellies, and narrow mouths like parrot fish! I am opening up a business which is a goat sitting service. If you own goats and need a vacation, I will come and care for your goats while you are gone. I want the glory weeks without the long-term commitment. The second thing my happy place has is toads. I love toads! They are the funniest little land dwellers, with their very large smiles and springy jump moves! I will cuddle one at any opportunity. The third thing my happy place has is tropical fish. Bright colors, unblinking eyes, and mesmerizing fin movements. Yes, finally, I have defined my happy place! Well that was my day, how was yours?

Mouth of goat close-up   
Parrot Fish, Costa Rica Diving