Wake Up Today and Say

Leymah Gbowee,

Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2011

Who do you admire today? Is there anyone alive today whom you look to as a hero? Many young people struggle with this question. I have listed just a few living heroes on my Encounters page because we need to be inspired and be educated that such folks exist. I would like to point out one woman who has been particularly influential to me during these last 8 months when I have found myself in the darkest trial of my life.

Her name is Leymah Gbowee.  She is a Liberian Christian woman who sparked a women's peace movement during that country's civil war, and succeeded in ending it.  Pray the Devil Back to Hell tells this true story; and I have watched it repeatedly with others going through similar circumstances as mine. I hope you, like me, are tired of the Devil getting his way in our families, tired enough to watch this movie and be changed!

Ms. Gbowee said in 2009, "I didn't get there by myself...but it was by the grace and mercy of God...In the most difficult of times, God has been there. They have this song, "Order my steps in Your ways, dear Lord", and every day as I wake up, that is my prayer, because there's no way...you can take this journey...as an agent of change in your community, without having a sense of faith...all that I am, all that I hope to be, is because of God."