Superficial Loss

Stripped Down by Kirsten Borror

2012 Acrylic on Ragboard 5x5

On Saturday I wept in the arms of a woman from another country who

had been 6+ years imprisoned and tortured for her faith in Jesus.

She explained how she came to believe that Christ offered the best life she could have. She told us about being tested by this persecution, and that her suffering brought her to a pearl of great price. The pearl is to know God deeply. She explained that she is as weak as any of us; this was a surprising revelation!

God showed up for her, showed her His strength, and He was strong for her. We all had been wondering how she could withstand such pains, and we were moved by her devotion.

When I told a friend about my encounter with this amazing Christian, she said, "We are so fortunate that none of us will have to risk what others risk and pay the price they pay for Jesus."

It was right then that the truth came over me...I don't believe we are fortunate at all! It is the loss of all this that we think is "life" that we would actually COME ALIVE!

The persecuted Christians around the globe get up and say, "Is it worth getting up today? Yes, Jesus is worth it."