Love Turns Us

Sinking Down by Kirsten Borror

Acrylic on Ragboard 5x5

Our faith sinks and our heart fails waiting for help that never comes from 

the ones who are not willing

nor able to defend us against enemy attack.

Ultimately, there is One glorious Love 

who can save us completely.

I asked God this morning, "How is today going to work?" The word He gave me was from

Jeremiah 30.

Our bondage will end. We will serve the One who frees us.

No fear, no terror, He will correct us fairly.

He will restore to us what was taken.

What is destroyed will be rebuilt.

The sound of thanksgiving songs and merriment will be heard from what had

lain in ruins. 

Our community will be firm and secure in the Lord.

He will accomplish His purposes for the oppressed and the oppressors.  

You will understand this in days to come.