Nearly Knocked Out

Butterfly Goodeid by Kirsten Borror

2012 Acrylic 5x5

This beautiful river fish of Mexico is nearly extinct in the wild. It inhabits only one stream.

Waves are hitting my life; huge, dreadful waves that are terrifying. But oddly, I am more and more secure all the time. I am assured by the One who loves me that He is bigger by far than my circumstances.

The Lord is King, He is clothed in majesty;

 and armed with strength;

Indeed, the earth is established, firm and secure.

But Your throne was established long ago;

You are from all eternity.

(Rest and think on this)

The seas have lifted up, Lord,

The waves have lifted up their voice;

the oceans have raised their pounding waves.

But the Lord rules supreme in heaven, 

Greater than the roar of the ocean,

more powerful than the waves of the sea.

Psalm 93:1-4