Artist Called by God

Paul Crimi explains his art

Sunday was the reception and artist talk for Paul Crimi whose art is on display through May 15 at North River Gallery.  Mr. Crimi does not fit the stereotypical artist persona. With his thick Boston accent, he describes growing up in the projects of East Boston. Incidents such as punching out his principal accidentally and being expelled, stealing ice cream from the ice cream truck, and selling newspapers at the Sumner Tunnel showed us the tough side of Paul. His parents taught life lessons such as, 'if you mess up, you have to fix it" and "you have to defend yourself from the neighborhood bully", among others.

At mid-life God got a hold of Paul when his son was killed in an electrocution accident. His son came back to life when Paul asked God to let his son live. He said "Dad! I saw God and the angels!"  Crimi had been mocking God the day before, and became a God believer in that instant. He resisted being used by the Almighty for a year telling God, "I'm not the one You should use!" He finally accepted Christ into his life and His forgiveness, and uses his art to share his faith. He is quite colorful to listen to in person, so if you get a chance, visit him at his studio in Rockland. If you have not visited the gallery yet, please come and see this work; it's worth the visit. The gallery is located within North River Community Church, at the end of Union Street in Marshfield. M-F 9-4 and Sundays 7am-12:30pm.