Ready to Receive

Prepared Pair by Kirsten Borror

2011 Acrylic 5x5

I walked the beach the other day choosing to sink my feet in the low bed left by the tide.

Sometimes things catch in this natural weir that differ from the millions of stones covering the beach elsewhere.

Here I found these two worn scallop shells, typically found in the deep far from where waves sound.

Who knows how they ended up so far from home; perhaps a dredger's net lifted them out of the muck and a storm current pulled them up into foam-white surf. It's clear they've been battered at the bottom a long time. It was cold that day and I didn't want to walk all the way home holding them in the wind. I laid them in the beach grass by the seawall thinking someone would surely walk by and take them. "If they are there next time I come, I will bring them home." Well, you see how that turned out! Two empty shells, without life in the home, holes at the apex. They are ready to be laced with the hunter's cord, or prepared for something new to inhabit that space. Lord, lay something profound and new in these travelers.