Art Encounters @ Camden Library

ART encounters


All workshops are $15 to be held at Camden Library 9am-12 noon.

Bookings are online - Click here to book.

Abstraction Through Still Life And Nature (12 nov)
Using inanimate objects and and specimens from nature as a reference point, become inspired as you create an abstract work of art. Observe and replicate line, form and shape, but with your own artistic interpretation.

Pencil Sketching (5 Nov)
Get back to the basics and be inspired by the endless possibilities of putting pencil to paper. In this workshop you will learn about rendering and shading techniques in both colour and monocromatic scales. Bring along a picture or photograph as a point of reference.

Monoprinting And Relief Printing (19 Nov)
Create unique pieces of art as you learn about this easy and imediate printmaking technique. Learn about line and shape as line drawings become transformed into colourful and vibrant prints.