Art Tent Needed

My Summer Studio

My vision is to be in my backyard the rest of this summer making art. I have art supplies, a yard, ideas, and papier-mache sculptures in progress all over the first floor of my house.  Yikes! Would you consider donating money to help me purchase this tent? This one is great because it will allow light in,  and protect the sculptures from rain & wind.  You can see the cost and info by Clicking HERE . I will have to figure out a way to anchor it down so the wind doesn't take it away.  If I can get 14 people to gift me $10 each, I will be able to get my 'free studio' up and running! I will send each sponsor an 8 x 11" signed color reproduction of my work with a personal note written on the back!  Thank you so much! Questions? Encouraging words?