And the World's Best Ice Cream is ...

Actually, I have no clue as to which ice cream is the best on earth. But I do have a leading contender in mind.

Last year in Paris my wife and I became enamored of Amorino gelato, Amorino being a French chain of (currently) around 30 shops in several countries, but concentrated in Paris. We like staying just off the intersection of boulevard Saint-Germain and rue de Seine, which happens to be not far from an Amorino shop.

This year we were taking a crêpe break on the Île Saint-Louis and mentioned to the waiter that we really liked Amorino. Au contraire was his message. We were in serious need of trying out the Île's very own Berthillon ice cream. So we did.

(Berthillon's web site is here and the Wikipedia entry is here.)

The location of Bertillon's intergalactic headquarters is shown here, and there are a number of places on the Île where one can find cones and cups of the luscious stuff. Since the main store was closed that day, we sampled the ice cream nearby. Ditto a day or so later. On our final day in town the Berthillon store was open, so I over-indulged on a three-scoop cup of chocolate.

What is it like? Imagine a cross between chocolate ice cream and chocolate fudge; it's so thick and smooth the spoon meets resistance when you try to scoop some out.

Good for my waistline that I don't live in Berthillon's neighborhood.