Online resources a boon for art connoisseurs

(By Nalini S Malaviya)

Today’s pace of life has caused many changes to be incorporated in our daily lives - the way we shop, what we eat and how we spend our time have all undergone major transformations. Easy access to information has also resulted in numerous changes that impact the way we look for information, retrieve and process it. In the field of art as well, this ease of access to online resources has had a major impact that has been benefiting the art community as a whole. It gives the art aficionado the opportunity to know about arts trends, events that are happening everywhere - right from London to New Delhi, to view images and read online publications.

The online facility has contributed tremendously in creating a greater awareness about art. People who are not as clued in about art have the opportunity to brush up on art, as well as compare prices of artworks.

For art connoisseurs, an online community is an excellent way to keep in touch with others who share a similar passion and offers them the opportunity to share information, and also to verify facts whenever required. Most people who once become passionate about art like to keep themselves in the know about major art events that take place across the world, for instance international art fairs, significant auctions and important gallery shows. Now that art catalogs are also available on the Internet, most people find it very convenient to refer to them. A majority of auction houses also provide access to their online catalogs on registration and this offers the potential buyer an excellent opportunity to preview the works before hand. Gallery newsletters and updates are also available through e-mailers and ensure that clients are kept informed of all upcoming events.

On the downside, you may end up spending too much time on the Internet, but it does make it easy to keep yourself updated on art.

(Published in Financial Times)