Robert Bosch Art Grant - 2010

This is a call for applications toward the Robert Bosch Art Grant - 2010.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI) once again invites proposals from individuals for the Robert Bosch Art Grant 2010.
By art, we mean categories spanning a broad spectrum of activities that include performing and visual arts like Painting, Sculpture, Music, Theatre, Dance, Photography and new media. We attach importance to projects that broaden public access to the arts; we seek to extend individual art practice to bring it to the social realm. We are particularly interested in assisting promising talent that falter only because of financial constraints.

Who is eligible?
Artists, less than 30 years of age.
Place of residence – in and around Bangalore or Coimbatore.

Application guidelines:
Applicants should submit a detailed proposal containing the following:
  1. Brief description of the background and context of the issues being addressed by the proposal
  2. Overall goals, specific objectives, and rationale for the proposal
  3. Description of the anticipated outcome; its value to society
  4. Description of the activities to be funded
  5. Detailed budget, including any funds anticipated from other sources
  6. Proposed duration of the project
  7. Portfolio of recent work (on CD) and any other supporting material. RBEI would be unable to return any material accompanying the proposal.
  8. Biodata of applicant, with contact details

General information:
  1. Proposals may be submitted in any Indian language, including English.
  2. Proposals could be from individuals, or from a group/organization
  3. The duration of the project may be 1 year or less
  4. The minimum and maximum grant limits are Rs 25,000 and Rs 5,00,000 respectively
  5. Grant awards are determined by an objective process of evaluation, and the decision of RBEI will be final.

Applications should reach us before April 31, 2010. Grant awards will be announced on or before June 15, 2010.

Applications and all other communications should be addressed to:
Robert Bosch Art Grant, C/o Ms.. M.A. Acharya, 123 Industrial Estate, Hosur Road, Bangalore 95

(Information courtesy Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions)