Di* composition

24 June 2006

Wonderful District host a show by a group of art students from the British International School. The artists have been working around themes of composition and destruction, growth and redevelopment. They have chosen to base their work around the Opera House, a renowned French Colonial building which signifies a multiplicity of meanings. From an icon of harsh times, a bastion of European culture and a tourist meeting point, the Opera House is centrally placed in a down town, District 1 location. Wonderful district lends itself to collaboration and discourse and the students have worked in a group to formalise and produce their ideas. Their outcome is a comment on their environment, our community… a constantly changing, evolving and developing city that heralds an exciting future whilst maintaining its strong and political history.

Artists: Hanh Nguyen, Minh Ho, Eun Ji Chaung, Linh Pham, Dini Muana, Triana Hernandez

Artist advisors: Vikki Hill, Betrand Peret, Sandrine Llouquet